How to showing subtitle into movie

If the file is still in the form of rar or zip, then ekstract was the first to use Winrar application

  •      Transfer the movie file and subtitlenya into a single folder. Name the movie and subtitlenya should be the same. Suppose the movie titled Hancock.avi, then subtitlenya =
  •      Then mainin movie with Windows Media Player. subtitle will automatically exit.


  •      Install VLC Media Player application, and subtitlenya If a movie was in a folder and name the movie and subtitlenya same, then the text will automatically exit.
  •      But if it does not come out, then click the Video menu, select the Subtitle Track, and select Load File. Find subtitlenya file is located where, if you have found select it and click OK.

If a MKV movie file, it can be played using VLC Media Player or Cyberlink DVD

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